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Virgo horoscope

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Virgo Horoscope (Kanya)

August 24 – September 22

Virgos are creative, delicate, and intelligent. You love to have everything in order, but are also patient. You are very observant, which can lead you to be judgmental. Some people may think that you are a cold person, because you rarely show your emotions. You also have a lot of charm and dignity, although you may not have many friends, due to your troubles with showing your feelings. Virgos are more followers than leaders. You are always logical. Your attraction for the opposite sex leads you into unpleasant situations at times. Opposite sex gets attracted to you for your good manners, polite language, not realizing it is a ruse. Your attraction for the opposite sex will lead you from one affair to another. This is because you like to use your creativity and imagination in the relationship. However, you better not wear your heart on your sleeve.

Virgo Horoscope

Individuals born under Virgo zodiac sign are usually of a medium height, delicate structure and attractive. Most of them have a long nose and sharp voice. Such people have a very pleasant voice, shy personality, kind nature and live as per a fixed set of rules. Virgo individuals are extremely intelligent and have a very sharp memory. Once they set their mind on something, they pursue it with fierce determination and more often than not, achieve their aim.

Virgos are very attached to their family and have great respect for their family members, especially their father. Some of them have a childhood that is full of struggles and achieve happiness and success in the later years of life. Such individuals are very talented and have a creative bent of mind. They can become successful writers too. Virgo individuals are very critical about everything and everyone and seek perfection in whatever they do.

The planet Rahu will remain in the sixth house throughout the year 2019. The planet Mars, on the other hand, is likely to remain in the tenth house for the whole year.

  • Lucky Colors : white, yellow, green

  • Lucky Numbers : 5, 12, 15, 20

  • Lucky Flowers : Buttercups

Virgo Wealth, Career and Business

As far as the matters of career and business are concerned, this year (2019) you will have to undergo lots of hard work to achieve success. You may have to face a lot of problems while moving ahead in your career. Lots of determination is needed to strive ahead and win. As far as money and wealth is concerned, it may slip out of hands just before you get a chance to hold it. You may face pressure from the government side too.

Be very cautious while investing money in business or you might have to undergo a major loss. Virgo Career may become a reason for considerable mental pressure and tension. Since Rahu is in the sixth house, your respect and standing in the society will remain intact. Even your enemies may have to face defeat. From career point of view, the month of September will serve as a turning point and things will start to get better and favorable. There may be some monetary gain too.

Virgo Health

In case of health matters, the year 2019 will mostly be good. You will be happy with your life and there is no threat of major illnesses also. Since Jupiter will be in the fourth house, there might be some extra expenditure that may become a reason for some mental tension. There are chances of minor illnesses like fever, stomach infection, etc.

Virgo Love Matters

This year is fairly lucky for you in the matters of heart. Unmarried people may find their soul mate in the year 2019. You life will be full of romance.

Virgo Travel

You have fairly bright chances of going on a long journey/vacation.

Virgo Domestic Life

The year 2019 will be good for Virgo in the matters of domestic life. You may receive a gain at the hands of a friend or a relative. Some of your important long-wished desires might just come true. The period from August to December might bring some tensions, related to your children. The adverse health of a family member may become a cause for worry.

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