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Scorpio Horoscope (Vrishchika)

October 24 – November 22

Scorpio (the scorpion) is intense and powerful. Although you appear controlled and calm, you are emotional and energetic. Scorpios often have strong and penetrating eyes. They seem fun to be with socially, but some seem self-involved and withdrawn. You can recognize your special qualities and it requires self-control to prevent you from using them for bad reasons. In relationships, you can be passionate and overwhelming. You are also very sensitive and take almost every comment to heart. You discard friends when they start to bore you. The opposite sex holds a fair deal of attraction to you but you should be careful in your dealings with them as you usually end up in unpleasant situations, because of the zeal and determination with which you tackle relationships with the opposite sex.

Scorpio Horoscope

Individuals born under Scorpio zodiac sign usually have an attractive personality. They are God-fearing people and believe in hard work and determination. Such individuals have a very short temper and are prone to anger. Scorpio cannot tolerate someone talking against them or their opinions. However, they do regret the mistakes they make in their anger. Scorpio individuals usually have a good physical health, free from any major ailment. Because of their strong will power and ability to struggle ahead, they easily attain their dreams and ambitions.

For those employed in their own business as well as those who are unemployed, this year will be full of struggles. Since the position of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu planets is not favorable, the first part of 2008 will not be too good. Scorpio Difficulties will have to be faced at every second step. Sudden expenditure may affect your financial position adversely. Unemployed will have to put in a lot of efforts if they want to start their own business.

The position of Jupiter is favorable in the second half of the year, Scorpio so there are chances of things improving quite a lot. Though the problems may continue, the income will also start increasing. The stalled projects may get started. You will successful in formulation as well as implementation of new strategies. There will be an increase in your status and you may get some financial gains too. Scorpio may also receive some ancestral property or wealth.

  • Lucky Colors : blood red,crimson, black, maroon, burgundy

  • Lucky Numbers : 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90

  • Lucky Flowers : lush red peonies

Scorpio Health

From health point of view, the year 2019 will bring mixed results. You need to be extra careful in the months of January to June, November and December. You may suffer from injuries, stomach problems, skin problems, blood pressure, etc. Please keep your anger under control or your health may fall. Beware of your enemies; they may contribute to your falling health.

Scorpio Love Matters

This year may be important from the point of view of love and relationships. The first half of the year is especially lucky for you. You may meet your ‘someone special’. There are also chances of improvement in your existing relationships. You will receive full support from your partner and he/she will take try to do things that you like. However, you need to be careful in the second half of 2008. A hidden love affair may create problems.

Scorpio Travel

There are chances of your going on a long travel journey this year.

Scorpio Domestic Life

From the point of view of domestic life, this year Scorpio will bring happiness for the Scorpio individuals, especially the first half. Your relations with the family members as well as your personal relationships will improve. You may receive some good news regarding property. Any property-related dispute has chances of turning in your favor, through the help of someone. Your father’s health may become a cause for worry, so please be extra careful. Try to control your anger or you will create unnecessary mental tension.

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