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Pisces Horoscope

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Pisces Horoscope (Meena)

February 19 – March 20

Two fish are associated with your Zodiac Sign. You are generous, caring, and kind. However, you tend to be more concerned about other people’s problems than your own. You are not a decisive person and may change your mind many times. You are also a follower, but you do not always choose good leaders. Because of your good qualities, you are popular with many types of people, but when you are secretive you drive these friends away. Weak concentration skills can get you into trouble at school. You enjoy good relations with members of the opposite sex. They also enjoy you. But you should play safe when you are not sure. Relationships could be very volatile so it is better to keep things under control. You tend to have too many love affairs so you are advised to control yourself. Too much of a good thing can be upsetting.

Pisces Horoscope

The zodiac sign of Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. The people born under this sign usually have a fair complexion, healthy face and tall height. Their eyes are very beautiful and they are quite good-looking. Pisces have a healthy body and a very sharp mind. Their personality is such that they are always introducing new thinking into their own life as well as the society. Even other people are attracted to their new way of thinking.

Pisces have deep respect and love towards their family members, especially their father, and are always ready to do anything for their well-being. As far as love matters are concerned, they are very simple and emotional. Pisces individuals are very adaptable and have the ability of changing themselves as per the changing times. Neither do they do, nor do they tolerate injustice. Usually, such individuals excel in the field of art, acting, teaching and food industry. Pisces are very intuitive, hard working and intelligent.

  • Lucky Colors : white, yellow, green

  • Lucky Numbers : 2, 8, 18, 23

  • Lucky Flowers : aqua marine, sea green and violet

Pisces Wealth, Career and Business

As far as the matters of wealth, career and business are concerned, this year will be very lucky for Pisces. This time will be just perfect for happiness, success and prosperity. Through the help of someone close to you, you will be able to achieve success in your career. Financial position is likely to improve. There are also chances of recovering bad debts. You will receive full support from government officials in case of any official matters.

The favorable position of Rahu planet will result in an increase in your social standing and respect in the society. In case of businessmen, there are chances of receiving sudden gains. Your enemies will be scared of you and your sources of income will increase. This year will be very lucky for politicians. Unemployed people have chances of getting a job. However, you need to careful while incurring expenditure.

Pisces Health

Favorable position of Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter planets will ensure that this year will be very good for you from the point of view of health. This will lead a general feeling of well being and happiness too. However, the position of Rahu is not too good and may create some problems. You are advised to drive carefully.

Pisces Love Matters

Those who are looking for love partners will find this year quite favorable. There are chances of attending parties or going on picnics. You may receive some good news also. Please be careful of your friends as well as your enemies, or you may have to face problems. There are chances of your getting married this year. There are chances that your expenditure on entertainment might increase.

Pisces Travel

The position of Rahu planet may result in your undergoing a long and distant journey this year. You may form foreign alliances also.

Domestic Life

This year will bring mixed results as far as your domestic life is concerned. You will receive full support from family members and friends. You will spend good times with your friends and in attending parties. During the months of June-July and November-December, Pisces there are chances of having minor altercations with relatives and brothers. Please take good care of the health of your parents.

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