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Leo Horoscope (Simha)

July 23 – August 23

King planet Sun governs your zodiac sign. You want to live like a king. You are a very ambitious person and want to rise to the top in the profession of your choice. You have been blessed with a strong personality, which can take you places if you so desire. You are logical in your approach to most things but sometimes you get so confused over the small issues. An extrovert, you have many friends and you are a good host. You learn to branch out on your own even if it turns out to be an expensive idea since you are ready to sacrifice much if it benefits in the long run. You are very much a materialistic person; you will find it difficult to do without worldly things. The picture you portray, however, is of the strong silent type. Your plus point is keeping a good relationship with those persons who could be of use to you in some way.

Leo Horoscope

Zodiac Sign of Leo

Individuals born under the zodiac sign of Leo are very good looking and have a healthy physique, with a broad forehead. Leo are very intelligent, extremely courageous, love their freedom and live by their own rules. Indulgence and extravagance is like second nature to them and they love to roam around and explore new places.

Leo can easily handle the toughest of situations, with their clear and clever thinking. Leo individuals are very generous by nature and find it very easy to express themselves.

They easily forgive people who have hurt them and seldom carry grudges. However, if anyone insults them or hurts their vulnerable ego, they should brace themselves for an extremely violent temple.

People born under Leo sign are very prone to anger and take some time to cool down. Most of them are theistic by nature and believe in the ‘Supreme Being’. Leos have a very fiery spirit and love to indulge in adventurous activities.

Jupiter planet of the Leo individuals will remain in the fifth house. Rahu planet will be in the seventh house, while Mars will be in the eleventh house of the zodiac.

  • Lucky Colors :  orange, purple, red

  • Lucky Numbers : 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 51, 71

  • Lucky Flowers : Marigold & Sunflower

Leo Horoscope Wealth, Career and Business

As far as the matters of wealth, career and business are concerned, this year will be very lucky for Leos, especially its second half (after June). This is because of the favorable positions of the Rahu and Jupiter planet. For those who are unemployed, there are bright chances of getting a job or setting up a business. There may be an increase in the sources of income.

Success in business, removal of obstacles in career and increase in wealth are some of the favorable effects of this year. However, since the position of Saturn planet is not too favorable, you will have to exercise some caution while investing money in business, especially in the first half of the year. During this time, you may face some roadblocks too, so hard word and determination is very much required.

Leo Health

In case of Leo health matters, you need to be quite careful this year. Saturn planet will not be in a favorable position, so health may become a cause for worry. Be extra careful while driving or you might become involved in an accident. Blood-related and stomach-related ailments may trouble you. Take a proper diet and don’t take even the slightest of problems casually.

Leo Love Matters

In matters related to the heart, this year may bring in some disappointments for the Leo individuals. Love relationships may become a cause for disagreements at home. You may fall into bad company and invite trouble. So, it is better to be very careful while choosing your friends. The months from September to December will give mixed results. There are chances of a sweet union with your soulmate.


After July, there are chances of your going on a long journey. This will involve major expenditure, which may lead to mental tension for sometime.

Domestic Life

The favorable position of the Jupiter planet will keep you happy and contented on the domestic front. There are chances of family get-togethers and even some good news in the family. You may indulge in some religious activities too. Your children will give you full support. After September, there might be some major expenses that will become a cause for worry. You may receive good news from your relatives living abroad. Social relations will be mostly good. However, there are also chances of being cheated by a close one.

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