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Capricorn Horoscope

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Capricorn Horoscope (Makara)

December 22 – January 20

Capricorn (the goat) is the most serious of all the zodiac signs. You are independent and (usually) confident. You have a tendency to criticize yourself too much, which can lead to low self-esteem. Capricorns are dependable, but also extremely cautious. You make a fair, but stubborn leader, and this is a job that you can do well. You are very well organized, so you can handle many projects at once. You may go through horrible mood swings, being friendly one moment and mean the next. You maintain good relations with members of the opposite sex. You make good and true friends. You are capable of deep and passionate affections. However, in your search for greener pastures, you sometimes switch partners too quickly.

Capricorn Horoscope

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn planet. As far as their physical features are concerned, Capricorn individuals are usually of a medium height and have sharp features. They usually have an attractive personality, black hair and slender waist. These individuals have a very short temper and they are prone to anger. They have a very enthusiastic nature, but can easily enter into arguments ad disputes.

Capricorn individuals have a great respect for their father and are always ready to do anything for him. They are very intelligent and this is what helps them in achieving success in life. They usually have a strong financial position and are respected in the society. Capricorns are not very sociable by nature and prefer to avoid huge crowds. In-fact, they dislike going to places where they are likely to encounter a large rush of people.

  • Lucky Colors : White, red, blue

  • Lucky Numbers : 5 – 13 – 16 – 20 – 28

  • Lucky Flowers : Pansy & Ivy Flowers

Capricorn Wealth, Career and Business

The year 2008 is good for Capricorn individuals from the point of view of wealth and business. There may be an increase in the sources of income and you will be admired in the society. The chances of success in career are quite high this year. Financial gains every now and then, employment for the unemployed and success for politicians are some of the other positive effects of this year .Capricorn Your enemies will be scared of you and your business will grow smoothly and rapidly. Even employed people will attain new heights of success. You may have to undergo sudden expenditures. Students have chances of being successful in exams, competitions and interviews.

Capricorn Health

From health point of view, Capricorn this year will be satisfactory for you. The position of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu may result in some minor ailments, like joints pain, headache, etc. You will need to be careful in health matters or you will have to bear some medical expenditure. Take proper diet and drive carefully.

Capricorn Love Matters

Capricorn individuals may get the opportunity of taking part in some festive occasion this year. Love relationships will remain healthy this year. You may meet your soul mate. Those who are already in a relationship might get married. Engaged people will be happy with their better half. However, the second half of the year may not bring such good situations. They might be difference of opinions in the family, resulting in some amount of tension.

Capricorn Travel

This year, you have bright chances of going on a long journey, especially a foreign trip. However, heavy expenditures involved with this might lead to some amount of tension.

Capricorn Domestic Life

The domestic life of Capricorn individuals will be neither good, nor bad, especially in the first half of the year. The position of Rahu planet may lead to sudden tensions and disputes in the family. Unexpected expenses might become another cause for worry. Along with family tensions, there may be some problems in the life of your children also. Things will start to improve towards the second half of 2008. Once again, there will be atmosphere of happiness and general well being. Your marital life will improve and you will receive full support from your wife.

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